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We are currently booking belly dancers...please contact us for more details.

*We book all styles of belly dancers and troupes.

*Compensation includes cut of the door, tips(which we will help collect) and free vending space

The performance portion of the evening will begin when the doors open at 6:00 pm, and the show starts at 7:00pm. Each show will include three different scheduled performances and a few extra surprises. Performances are followed by an open dance floor where we can all dance to live music. The evening ends when they kick us out!

Please send us your contact information including photo to be used for promotional flyers

For booking call or email:

Miriam Friedman Berger

[email protected]



If you are not a scheduled performer that night, but are interested in vending, please also contact Miriam before the show to secure space.

***We've been very fortunate to have more and more vendors interested in the itty bitty bit of space we have available for vendors - Please understand that we're now going to be requiring an RSVP from vendors to guarantee what small amount of space we can allot to you. That show's performers who also vend will always get first shot at some space (as has always been true) and after that it will be based on who reaches out to Miriam -- please be kind, and don't reserve a spot and then no-show! Someone else might have wanted that spot and been told no.***

(policy edit 4/1/14)